Saturday, 12 March 2016

Shocking Moment Mother Washes New Born Baby With A Bottle Water Over A Puddle In Refugee Camp

Refugees wash a new born baby as they stay in tents that they set up in the Idomeni town in Greece, near the Macedonian border on March 6, 2016.

This is a heartbreaking moment new born baby is being washed in a puddle by desperate mum in a refugee camp. Over 14,000 migrants are crammed into the crisis-hit base on the Greek-Macedonian border after the Balkan countries sealed their borders.

The disturbing photo was taken near the village of Idomeni as several nations blocked refugees entering Europe. She was forced to bath her newborn in a dirty puddle after giving birth in a tent.
Nikos Toskas, a deputy minister for public order, said: "We have to persuade them (to move) and we can't do that using tear gas.

Half the people there are women and children." Macedonia shuts its borders to all refugees this week after several nations, including Austria, imposed restrictions.

The Macedonian president  said: "If we had trusted Brussels and had not reacted on our own initiative, we would already have been flooded with jihadists."