Wednesday, 16 March 2016

U.S Airforce General Warns That Adversaries Are Planning To Take Down U.S Military Satellites With Lasers And Missiles

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U.S Air Force general, John Hyten has claimed countries such as China and Russia are planning to shoot down American military satellites with missiles, spacecraft and even lasers. General John Hyten, head of Air Force Space Command made the comments while pleading with Congress to increase spending to protect military satellites.

According to the Free Beacon, General Hyten said: 'Adversaries are developing kinetic, directed-energy, and cyber tools to deny, degrade, and destroy our space capabilities. 'They understand our reliance on space, and they understand the competitive advantage we derive from space. The need for vigilance has never been greater.' 

The four-star general also added that a new military command centre was monitoring threats to satellites posed by missile launches, covert killer robot satellites and ground-fired lasers that can destroy objects in space. Lieutenant General David Buck, who testified alongside General Hyten then confirmed that China and Russia pose the most serious threat to space systems.

Their comments came as Douglas Loverro, outlined U.S. plans to deter future attacks. He suggested that any attacks against U.S. satellites could result in counter attacks either on the ground or in cyber space, but he would not elaborate further.