Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Caitlyn Jenner Not Certain If She Will Go Ahead With Gender Confirmatory Surgery Despite Claiming She Knew From Childhood She Was Meant To Be Female, Not Male.

Not ready: Caitlyn Jenner  still isn't sure about undergoing gender confirmation surgery, saying she's still not comfortable with the idea one year after going public with her plan to transition from male to female

Caitlyn Jenner still hasn't fully completed the process of transitioning from male to female after she confirmed making the transition one year ago. The 66 year-old reveals she remains conflicted about whether or not to undergo gender confirmation surgery.

According to People.com, Caitlyn said : 'The last six months of my life have been really enlightening. But one thing I'm really not comfortable with is this issue of gender confirmation surgery,'

The I Am Cait reality star, reluctance to take the final step in the transitioning process might appear somewhat puzzling, given the other surgical procedures she has submitted to in order to fulfill her dream of living as a woman. She has made it clear that she has known since childhood that she was meant to be female, not male.

Well... but why the reluctance? Thought she made it clear she has known since childhood that she was meant to be female not male. Opportunity has presented itself now but she is not certain if she will go ahead with the confirmatory surgery.