Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chinese City Is Ready To Punish Those Who Don't Visit Their Elderly Parents With Bad Credit Rating

The Shanghai policymakers have announced tough measures to ensure children visit their parents. According to the People's Daily Online reports, For those who do not visit their parents regularly they will face a bad credit rating. The policy comes into effect on May 1, enabling parents who don't receive a visit to file lawsuits against their children.

Children who still refuse to visit their parents will be given a bad credit which will in turn have an effect on their work and also aspects on their life including buying a house and even having a library card. It specifies that elderly parents who reside in nursing homes require more frequent visits. 

The regulation also sets up an alert system for elderly care houses. It stipulates that organisations should remind family members to visit their parents more often instead of just abandoning them.  Legal networks has been set up which would enable the elderly to sue their children. 

During these visits to their parents, the children have to provide financial and spiritual support to them. It's unclear how often children have to visit their parents. Shanghai is not the first place in China to adopt this rule, both Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces also have adopted it.