Thursday, 14 April 2016

Didier Drogba Responds To DailyMail UK Publication On Allegation Of Diverting Funds Raised By His Charity To Help African Children

Footballer Didier Drogba says he will take legal action against Daily Mail UK, over a publication on funds raised by his foundation. He was accused of diverting funds raised to help build hospitals and educate less privileged African children.
According to Daily Mail, Drogba's charity, which is majorly supported by Princess Beatrice and David Beckham, is under investigation by the UK Charity Commission, after it was discovered that only 1% of the money raised for charitable works in Africa by the foundation has been used for charitable works.

The report reveals how Stars, royals and businessmen have donated more than £1.7 million to the Didier Drogba foundation. But only £14,115 have gone to what it was meant for. The Didier Drogba Foundation is being accused of declining to reveal whether the star paid UK income tax on these sponsorship payments, made over six years while he was with Chelsea and living in a £7 million mansion in Surrey.

Didier Drogba's Response: