Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hindu Worshippers Hang Themselves From Hooks As They Take Part In Charak Puja Festival (Graphic Images)

The devotee here has already had the metal hooks inserted into his back. Another participant in the festival assists 

A Hindu folk festival held in southern Bangladesh and West Bengal. Celebrated on the last day of the last month in the Nepali calendar, people believe the festival will eliminate the sorrow and sufferings of the previous year and carry prosperity into the next. 

One of the key traditions of Charak Puja is worshipping the branchless and rootless Charak tree

In this festival a human 'Charak' is made to satisfy the Lord Shiva. The 'Charak' is tied with a hook on his back and then he is moved around a bar with a long rope.

The tree is worshipped by priests before being placed in a ditch and balanced by bamboos

A devotee is preparing to hang on a rope attached to the hooks in his back and then swing around the Charak tree (above)