Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Italian Woman Who Took Her Husband To Court For Not Satisfying Her Sexually Loses Legal Battle

A 50 year-old Italian woman has lost an 11-year legal battle with her husband for 'moral damages' because he was unable to satisfy her sexually. The 50-year-old woman, known only as Anna, took her husband to court for the distress caused by his inability to perform. 

She claimed her 50-year-old husband never once satisfied her sexually and she should be paid $57,000 in 'moral damages' to compensate her for the constant disappointment.
The court case, which began in 2004, was thrown out by the judge and instead ordered her to pay $5,700 in legal fees. The court heard the man had an anatomical problem which prevented him from having sex with the woman. 

The woman who supported her claim with a certificate from her doctor which certified her as 'technically a virgin'.  The man, in his defence, admitted he had an anatomical problem, but claimed it had been repaired before the marriage. He said he would routinely attempt to initiate sex but would be rebuffed by his wife. 

However, Lawyers admitted during the case that they could not prove whether the man had ever rejected his wife's sexual advances, but the defence claimed the fact he had two children with his second wife was proof of his sexual prowess.

Magistrates verdict: 'There is no clearer sign that he didn't have sexual problems.' Therefore dismissing the woman's case, the Magistrates ordered her to pay $5,700 in costs.