Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mohammed Abrini Admits He Was The Man In The Hat Seen Walking With The Two Suicide Bombers At Brussels Airport

Mohamed Abrini

Mohammed Abrini has admitted he was the "man in the hat" seen walking with two suicide bombers at Brussels airport. Belgian prosecutors confirmed they had got the right man saying: "We confronted him with the video evidence prepared by our special unit. "He had to admit it was him."

Abrini was pictured on security footage with the bombers at Zaventem airport minutes before the horrfic explosions left 16 peopled dead on March 22. He has been arrested in connection with the Paris attacks and a new suspect in the Brussels attacks called Osama Krayem.

suspect in the attack which took place at the Brussels international airport of Zaventem, is seen in this CCTV image made available by Belgian Police on April 7, 2016. Mohamed Abrini, wanted over November's Islamic State attacks in Paris, has been arrested in Brussels, Belgian public broadcaster VRT said on Friday, adding that he was probably involved in

The prosecutor's office said: "Abrini is indeed the third man present at the Brussels national airport attacks" after they confronted him with expert examinations that included closed circuit television footage."He confessed his presence at the crime scene. "He explained having thrown away his vest (jacket) in a garbage bin and having sold his hat afterward."