Monday, 4 April 2016

North Korea Threatens To Kill More Americans Than The 9/11 Attacks In A Propaganda Publication

Leader warning: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiles during a solid-fuel rocket engine test as the country claims planned nuclear strikes would 'wipe the U.S. from history'

According to reports, North Korea has made yet another threat of nuclear attacks on the US, claiming its warheads are aimed at key sites in Washington DC and ready to 'wipe the country from history'.
State-run media claimed that North Korean strikes would kill more American citizens than 9/11, 'leaving no time [for them to] even regret or have nightmares about it'.

'If three civilian airplanes' attacks from 15 years ago resulted in 3,000 deaths and brought a nightmare to life for the US, the outbreak of our final war will wipe the country from history, leaving no time (for them to) even regret or have nightmares about it,'a bulletin published by state-run publication DPRK Today said, according to NK News. 

It also claimed that North Korea's 'most powerful, miniaturized, diversified weapon systems' are currently aimed at the White House and Pentagon 'from the ground, in the air and underwater.,'

Propaganda machine: Another one of the images used in the article where state media claimed that North Korea has warheads aimed at Washington DC

Empty threats: North Korean media published an editorial claiming planned nuclear strikes would kill more American citizens than the September 11 attacks