Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Norway To Jail Migrants With Unfounded Asylum Claims For Up To 72 Hrs

Asylum seekers in Norway with 'obviously groundless' claims could be jailed for up to 72 hours to stop them escaping into the criminal underworld while their cases are processed. The plan is part of a bill proposed today by Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug and aims to stop claimants evading the authorities if they know they will be rejected.

Norway has always used a so-called 48-hour procedure where asylum claims of migrants from safe countries are processed within that time. But this new plan empowers police to arrest and detain migrants with unfounded claims, reports The Local. 

The Minister said: 'We can see that unfounded asylum seekers disappear while the police are processing their applications. 'This will prohibit them from running off and eventually getting involved in criminal activity. 'Now we will know where we have them, get their applications processed and then return them.'

The Minster added that 90 of the 537 asylum seekers whose cases were processed under the 48-hour procedure in 2015 disappeared, and that the locations of 90 per cent of those are still unknown to the authorities.