Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pakistani Tribal Leader Pleads With The UK And US Not To Kill Him With Drone.

A Pakistani tribal leader, Malik Jalal has flown to Britain to plead for his name to be taken off a so-called US drone 'kill list'. Malik Jalal has arrived in the UK from Waziristan and appeared on national radio asking the US and UK governments not to kill him.

He claims he has been targeted in at least four drone strikes, narrowly missing him each time, and says he's decided to take action because his children are 'terrified' of dying in a missile attack. But despite suggesting he's a wanted man, Mr Jalal has been able to fly to Britain, carry out an interview with the BBC and meet with MPs to discuss his plight, all without being arrested.

He has been trying to prove he is not a terrorist, according to the human rights charity Reprieve, but British intelligence chiefs are refusing to comment on his claims of a so-called 'kill list'. 
According to reports on The Independent he said: 'The mantra that the West should not negotiate with “terrorists” is naive. 'There has hardly ever been a time when terrorists have been brought back into the fold of society without negotiation. 

Targets: British law enforcement and intelligence services have helped draw up an extra-judicial ‘kill list’ to assassinate the world’s most wanted terrorists and drug smugglers in foreign countries, it has been claimed

'Remember the IRA; once they tried to blow up your prime minister, and now they are in parliament. It is always better to talk than to kill.' He said he had travelled to Britain to resolve the situation by 'using the law and the courts, not guns and explosives'.

The tribal leader claims he's being targeted because of his work with the North Waziristan Peace committee (NWPC). He told the BBC: 'I had a special role to improve security and we were making progress and that’s why I think American targeted us. I came close to being bombed four times, so in the end I realised they were on to me.

'I have had to leave Waziristan. In my own family there are six people who are mentally destabilised because of the strikes. In Waziristan there are more than 400,000 people who have mental problems because of the drones. My own son is too scared to go back to Waziristan.

'I have a peaceful role in Pakistan. I am not involved in terrorism. I came to Britain because I feel like Britain is like a younger brother to America.  They have tried to kill me four times, and my children are terrified. This kill list is just making things far worse in my homeland.

'I am telling Britain that America doesn’t listen to us, so you tell them not to kill Waziristanis.'He added: 'All I want is for the West to stop trying to kill me, my family and my colleagues with the North Waziristan Peace Committee.

'They have tried to kill me four times, and my children are terrified. This kill list is just making things far worse in my homeland.' He was invited to the  UK by the former Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Jalal has also written a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. The US ambassador has also received a copy. 

The letter details the prior attempts on his life, and the impact on him, his family and his colleagues in the NWPC. He asks for meetings to clear his name, and to get off the so-called 'kill list', Reprieve say.