Thursday, 7 April 2016

Teacher Leaves Six- Year-Old Girl With Black Eyes Because Of Spelling Mistake

The young girl, known only as T, pictured, required hospital treatment after being beaten by a teacher in school

A six -year-old girl - identified only as T. in local media in north-eastern Vietnam - needed hospital treatment for severe bruising under her eyes. The teacher who beat her across the face with a ruler because she made a spelling mistake is facing the sack.

Her teacher, Tran Thi Thu Tra, flew into a rage when she saw the youngster struggling with a word during a spelling test. But instead of helping her, Tra waited for the girl to get it wrong and then lashed her across the face.

Education officials have suspended the teacher who works at the Phin Ngan Elementary School and say she could be dismissed after an investigation. Bat Xat education bureau said: 'Strict measures must be brought out to purge school of violence.' T.'s mother - Chao Ke May - said: 'Two of her friends helped her home from school and she was in pain.'

She added: 'Her face was swelling and there were bruises near her eyes. She was very upset and frightened.'