Thursday, 14 April 2016

Terror Suspect ' Man In Hat ' Walking Next To Two Suicide Bombers In Brussels Airport Attack Says " I Would Never Hurt A Fly"

The terror suspect 'man in the hat' seen walking next to two suicide bombers in the Brussels Airport terror attacks has said he 'wouldn't hurt a fly', during court session. Mohamed Abrini was seen in CCTV footage wearing a white jacket moments before the two men he was with detonated bombs murdering 16 people at the terminal last month.

The man who was one of the most wanted men in Europe ahead of his arrest on Friday, has reportedly played down his role in the attacks and even claimed he had not been radicalised. In written statements handed to a judge ahead of his court appearance today, he reportedly said 'I didn't want to do it - I would never hurt a fly'.

He told police that the plan was to explode three bombs - one in front of a check-in desk for a US airline, and the other two at the check-ins for an Israeli and a Russian company. 'But I never intended to explode my bomb. I waited until the other two bombs were detonated and then I slipped away.

'I threw away my jacket and hat and I bought a cap in a second-hand shop to hide my face.' A Belgian judge today ordered Abrini and five other suspects arrested in connection with the attacks in Paris and Brussels to be held for another month.