Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Woman Gang Raped By Five Men Speaks Out About Her Ordeal

Woman raped by five men speaks out

A woman speaks out about her horrific ordeal after she was  gang-raped by five men on her way to get food from KFC. Michelle Pavey, left home to pick up a takeaway for her boyfriend  when she was heckled by five "foreign" men in a car at 4pm. The 30-year-old, who was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a jacket over her pyjamas, said the group in silver Mondeo pulled alongside her, shoved her in, tore her clothes and attacked her.

Michelle, was attacked on November 26, 2008, waived her right to anonymity to encourage other sexual assault victims to report the crimes. Speaking about her horrific ordeal, Michelle said: "(The car), full of men, slowed down alongside me and (they) started shouting at me in a language I didn't understand.

"I didn't have a clue what they were saying but then one phrase came very clear through the cacophony of voices. "£10 for all of us?' he yelled in English. '£10 for sex?'" Michelle told them to leave her alone but before she knew it, they dragged her inside the car and drove her to a park where they attacked her.

She revealed: "Pain tore through me as the first man climbed on top of me and brutally raped me. "I shouted and screamed but nobody heard me. The gang were like a pack of wolves, egging each other on as the second man unzipped his trousers and forced himself on me."

She said by the time the third man climbed on top of her she had given up fighting. "Adrenaline had been coursing through my veins but now, as I lay motionless, I realised how cold it was," she recalled. "But I couldn't move. I was badly bruised and sore and emotionally, I just couldn't think. I couldn't get my head around what had just happened.

She was shoved into a car where her attackers tore her clothes and raped her

"For half an hour, I lay on the cold grass before I pulled myself up. The monsters had taken my phone, jacket and trousers - but they'd left my pyjama bottoms, so I pulled them back on." She eventually made her way back home to her boyfriend of six years Gareth- who blames himself for not being there to protect her.

Gareth, her boyfriend called the police and she was taken in for tests. "The sick gang hadn't used condoms and their DNA was all over me," she said. "In the early hours I was sent home and I sunk into a hot bath. But no matter how hard I scrubbed, I couldn't wash myself clean.

"I felt their grasping hands all over me and for months and months afterwards, despite countless baths and showers, I felt dirty." In court, she came face-to-face with one of the attackers - Afghan asylum seeker Ahadullah Khughiani.

"I wasn't going to let him scare me anymore but when it came to it, he didn't show a shred of remorse," Michell added. "He was laughing and even making jokes in court. I was furious. I couldn't even have Gareth there with me as he was giving evidence and there was my attacker, laughing in the dock."

One attacker, Afghan asylum seeker Ahadullah Khughiani, 19, was jailed for eight years and was recently deported
One of the attacker Khughiani

Khughiani, 19, was jailed for eight years and was recently deported. The other attackers are believed to have fled the country. Michelle added: "What happened that night has left me with a life sentence. Even now, I find it hard to be intimate with Gareth. "I still can't believe a trip to the takeaway ended in such terror. I want to show women there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can get justice. I'm not a victim - I'm a survivor."