Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Young Girls Captured By Boko Haram In Nigeria Are Volunteering To Become Suicide Bombers As Last Resort To Escape The Sexual Abuse And Hunger They Suffer As Prisoners

Boko Haram female captives in Nigeria are volunteering to become suicide bombers because they can no longer tolerate the sexual abuse and constant hunger they suffer as prisoners. Most of the young women take the shocking decision as a last resort and desperate move to escape the jihadi group, even if it costs them their life.

Those women  who managed to escape Boko Haram have revealed that the young bombers don't believe in the radical ideology of the group but rather they want to run away from the nightmare conditions.

' Fati, a survivor of Boko Haram, told CNN, They would ask, 'Who wants to be a suicide bomber?' The girls would shout, 'me, me, me.' They were fighting to do the suicide bombings,'. She said that the militants turned up at her village, demanding to take the young girls to marry them off to their fighters. When the girls said they were too young, they were seized by force.

Fati said that some of the young girls living in Boko Haram's base in the Sambisa forest were from the large group of schoolgirls taken from Chibok. She recalled the deplorable and harsh conditions inside the camps, which were regularly attacked by the Nigerian army, forcing the Islamists to move on a regular basis.