Monday, 5 September 2016

11- Month Old Baby Kidnapped and Raped In India As Mother Slept

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Rape still remains very common in India despite government’s fast track court process and tougher jail sentences for rapists. An 11-month-old baby was kidnapped and raped for two hours in India after being snatched from her sleeping mother at a makeshift shelter.

About 10 pm on Friday, the baby was grabbed by a neighbour in the city of Delhi,  before being taken into the nearby jungle and attacked. An hour later when the infant's mother woke up, she discovered her baby was missing and contacted the police who immediately began a search operation.

Police then found the baby in an unconscious state and immediately took her to the intensive care unit at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital.

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According to the Times of India a senior police officer said: 'The girl was bleeding profusely. Doctors at the hospital have said that her condition is serious. 'The police team was helped by the recovery of the mobile phone to track the location of the accused.

We traced him to the labour camp. 'He said he then took her to the bushes beside a drain and raped her for nearly two hours.' The man has been charged with rape and is being held in Tihar Jail.

The child’s father later told police: ‘I was horrified to see my daughter’s condition. Her clothes were torn and she had nail marks all over the body. 'The severe injuries might have a lifelong impact on her health.'