Saturday, 24 September 2016

21 Nigerian Victims Of Prostitution Rescued By Police In Ibiza

Sex workers in Ibiza

Twenty-One Nigerian victims have been rescued by police in Ibiza. The victims - a group of prostitutes as young as 16 who were beaten if they did not bring in more than 1000 euros a day from sex tourists.
Police officer counting money
Spanish police carried out a major operation with the Office of Criminal Investigation in Germany and Europol which led to the arrest of 24 suspects, including two women ringleaders.

The women had been lured to Spain with fake promises of jobs and were forced to work 14 hours a day on the party island. Police said 17 women had been kept in one small apartment, with up to four girls forced to share one bed.

According to police spokesman: “If they didn’t earn 1,000 euros a day, they would be forced to kneel for hours and beaten with sticks and brooms.”

They were only allowed out occasionally to buy food or meet clients, and were warned that their relatives would be killed if they did not co-operate.

The women were smuggled into Europe on boats and planes and then told they would have to buy their freedom by earning up to £50,000 through prostitution and paying it to their gang masters.