Sunday, 4 September 2016

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Her Delegates To G20 Summit Have Been Advised On Taking Every Possible Precaution To Avoid Been Spied On

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British Prime Minister Theresa May and her team attending the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, have been advised to take necessary precautions to avoid being spied on and having their phones hacked. In the past, Chinese hackers have already targeted five EU foreign ministries before the summit. Government staff in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Latvia and Hungary were tricked into downloading malicious files which hijacked their computers.
Former diplomatic protection squad head Dai Davies said: “Metaphorically speaking, these people want to get inside Her Majesty’s knickers and will use every trick in the book.”

Mr Davies added: “Those with Mrs May will have been advised to take every precaution possible, from their communications to their sexual conduct.” The team have also been told to leave their mobiles at home and take throwaway ones to the G20 summit in Hangzhou.

Theresa May and her delegation have been told to strip off under the sheets at bedtime – to stop Chinese spy cameras clocking them naked. Security chiefs also warned the No 10 delegation to take throwaway phones to the Hangzhou summit because spooks can download data from mobiles through hotel charging plugs.

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They have also been warned to watch out for honeytraps. In 2008, an aide to then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had his phone stolen by a woman he took to his room in Shanghai.

Before leaving Heathrow yesterday, the PM’s staff were briefed to avoid using official emails and either refuse gifts from Chinese hosts or throw them away. China has a huge spying apparatus desperate to get its hands on the West’s industrial secrets.

According to Whitehall source : “We’ve been told if we’re uncomfortable about being seen naked we should undress under the bedclothes in our hotel rooms.”