Thursday, 8 September 2016

Couple Becomes New Guinness World Record Holders For Most Tattooed Elderly Person In Male and Female Categories

Charles Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg

Guinness World Records 2017, is out today 8 September 2016. Charles “Chuck” Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg are the new Guinness World record holders for ‘Most tattooed senior citizen’ in the male and female categories.

Chuck, 75, has bodysuit of ink, covering 93.75 per cent of his body leaving only his face and his toes remain un-inked. He got his first tattoo while in the US Army, in November, 1959. He got few more tattoos in 1960, with a 40 year break and started getting more since 2000.
Charles Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg

Charlotte’s, 65, a writer whose body is 91.5 per cent covered in ink,  says: “I have an area on the front of my chest and I also have a big area on my torso [to fill]. Meaning she is “not done” when it comes to her tattoo collection. “I still have a lot of work to do and we’re both working on maintenance too.”
She got her first tattoo 10 years ago, in 2006. She had always wanted a tattoo, but hadn’t been able to as her husband, who had passed away, had always been against the body art.

According to the Sun Online: “I got my first tattoo in September of 2006, it was a birthday gift to myself. “I had always wanted tattoos and it hadn’t been possible until that point to get one. “I decided that I wanted to do a bodysuit and I started working on it from that point forward.”

Charles Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg

Chuck is open to the idea of getting more tattoos, he claims that the lack of space left on his body is the main thing holding him back. Chuck explained: “There’s not much room left on me, I’m not going to do my face, and my toes have been so mangled by martial arts and stuff I don’t think anything’s going to look good on them!

The couple feel honoured to be given their record-breaking titles in the 2017 edition of Guinness World Records. Charlotte describes the experience as “Magical, amazing, and unbelievable.”