Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hundreds Of ISIS Fighters Heading For UK....FBI Warning.

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FBI has revealed that hundreds of ISIS jihadis will flee towards the UK as part of "largest human missile arsenal in history. It has been suggested that terrorist fighters will try to settle in the UK and other western nations as a result of crushing coalition attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The displaced jihadis will also trigger "lone wolf attacks". According to FBI Director James Comey : “There will be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two to five years like we’ve never seen before. "Those killers will flow out and they will try to come to western Europe."[They will] try to come here to kill innocent people."

He added: "[While] the so-called caliphate will be crushed."They will not all die on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq." US Senator Ron Johnson said: "We're poking the hive."We've done some damage to it but the killer bees are leaving the hive. "They’re setting up new hives."

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Also former FBI special agent and national security expert Clint Watts, said ISIS jihadis will try to go out as martyr rather than surrender. Watts said: "For those homeless foreign fighters, the choice is simple. "They can either die in place fighting for a crumbling caliphate or they can go out as martyrs striking their homelands or regional or international targets.

"As the [ISIS] group loses turf, they'll likely become part of the largest human missile arsenal in history and be directed against any and all soft targets they can reach."