Sunday, 25 September 2016

North Korea Warns UN It Could Go To Nuclear War With US Over South Korea

Kim Jong Un

The UN has received warning from North Korea that it is preparing for ‘nuclear war’ following US supersonic bombers flying near its borders few days ago.

NK foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, told the UN General Assembly, the act could result in tensions between North and South and could turn Korea into ‘the world’s most dangerous hot spot which can even ignite the outbreak of a nuclear war’.

Ri blasted the US for having a ‘hostile policy’ towards his country. He said: ‘the United States will have to face tremendous consequences beyond imagination’. Also that in order ‘to defend the dignity and right to existence and safeguard genuine peace vis-a-vis the increased nuclear war threat of the United States’, the country’s nuclear force needed to be strengthened.

Ban Ki-Moon

In response the US military has said at at least one of two supersonic bombers that it flew over South Korea approached the border with North Korea. US Pacific Command spokesman, said that the aircraft remained in South Korean airspace and ‘did not at any time cross the military demarcation line between North and South Korea’.

The foreign minister dismissed the Security Council resolutions as unfair. He said North Korea ‘had no other choice but to go nuclear inevitably after it has done everything possible to defend the national security from the constant nuclear threats from the United States’.