Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nurse Accused Of Performing Sex Act On Patient Claims She Was Giving Him Emotional Suport

Julie Porthouse allegedly bared her breasts to the patient and performed oral sex on him

Julie Porthouse, psychiatric nurse was accused of exposing her breasts and performing oral sex on a patient. Julie claimed she was worried about him after a former patient of hers committed suicide and she was only providing him with "emotional support".

She denied claims she bared her breasts, left an earring in his bedroom and showed off a tattoo on her lower back after visiting the patient at home. Julie said she didn’t give the man oral sex during the four-month affair.

This happened while she was working for Hospital at the time of the alleged affair between May 2012 and September 2012. She said: “I did muddy the water with boundaries, I do agree. I can’t sit here and say that I didn’t because I did.” The nurse explained she wanted to “empower” the patient.

When asked about a visit she made to the patient’s home Ms Richardson continued: “He was tense and you were going to help him relax. This was in the context of ongoing discussion about attraction. “This progressed to the bedroom.

“This went further, you masturbated him and gave him oral sex. You also exposed your breasts and that’s how he became aware that you had a tattoo on your lower back. “That’s also how you left an earring, that’s how it came to be in his bedroom.” Julie said: “That’s not true.” The tribunal heard that the nurse wept when she was accused of having an affair with the man by manager Heather Meek.

One of her colleague then asked to speak to her. Julie said: “She just kept repeating ‘it’s not good, it’s not good’. “She said, ‘you know everybody is talking about your dress’. “She said, ‘there’s gossip in the team that you are having an affair’.

“I was totally shocked. I said, ‘You think all this time I have been out having an affair? Why? Because you couldn’t see where I am and my dress style has improved? “I said something along the lines of ‘that’s quite slanderous’.”

When the nurse was told to cancel her next appointment with the patient, Julie said she was worried about him because his father had passed away. She was then confronted by staff, who asked her if she was having an affair with the patient. Trial continues....