Friday, 30 September 2016

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Says He Is Happy To Slaughter Millions Like Hitler In His Bid To Eradicate Drugs

Image result for philippine president rodrigo duterte war on drugsThe firebrand politician has now compared himself to Hitler and said he would be 'happy' to exterminate 3million drug users

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines President has compared his war on drugs to Hitler’s efforts to decimate Jews. Rodrigo proudly declared he was “happy to slaughter” millions of drug addicts. As he blast his Western critics, while insisting he is happy to risk the rule of law to eradicate drugs.

“Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there are three million drug addicts (in the Philippines). “I’d be happy to slaughter them,” Duterte told reporters in his home city of Davao shortly after returning from Vietnam.

“At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have,” he said, then paused. “But you know, my victims, I would like to be (sic) all criminals to finish the problem of my country and save the next generation from perdition.”

The, 71 pledge to eradicate drugs in society by killing tens of thousands of people. In his first day in office, He urged residents of a Manila slum to kill drug addicts within their own community, while promising them medals.

Suspected drug dealers are handcuffed following their arrest

His police chief also urged addicts to burn down the homes of drug traffickers and kill them. According to official figues, Since Duterte came to power on June 30, police have killed more than 1,200 people – with about 1,800 others dying in unexplained circumstances.

The bodies are often left in the middle of the street, often with cardboard signs bearing the words “drug peddler” or “drug addict”. This has led to the war on crime becoming known as “cardboard justice”.

He reacts angrily to criticism from Western governments and human rights groups. Duterte called UN chief Ban Ki-moon a “fool” and said “fuck you” to the European Union while raising his middle finger.

Recently called Barack Obama a “son of a whore” after saying it was “rude” for the US President to lecture him on human rights. Also referred to the US ambassador as the “gay ambassador, the son of a whore”, adding: “He pissed me off.”