Saturday, 24 September 2016

Shocking Moment Body Of A Saint Who Died 300 Years Ago Appears To Open Her Eyes

Santa Inocencia

Shocking footage currently circulating online shows the body of a little girl who died long time ago appears to suddenly open her eyes. In the footage the corpse, that has been wax-treated for preservation, looks like a statue but is in fact the real body of the small dead martyr.

Tourists were visiting the Cathedral of Guadalajar in Mexico, where the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia  are encased in a glass coffin. One visitor was allegedly recording the tour of the building on his camera when he claims to have captured the moment she appears to open her eyes.

But as the camera moves pans her body it focuses on the face – and the dead girl appears to open her eyes. While some viewers claim the video is faked – others believe it is a sign from God. Many viewers have called it out as being a fake but others believe it may be a sign.

Santa Inocencia

 There are different versions explaining how and what led to her death, One of such is that she was a Mexican girl named Inocencia (Innocence) who wanted to take her First Communion with her  classmates but her father  was not in support. She began studying religious texts and praying in secret – but one day was heard by nuns and invited to be included to take it with them.

When her father found out she had taken the communion, he stabbed her in the chest, which lled to her tragic death. The locals took her body to the cathedral and where she was laid to rest being a silent witness of a young girl’s deep love for Christ.