Saturday, 3 September 2016

Spider Infested Village Where The Creepy Crawling Eight Legged Creature Is Eaten As Snack

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Welcome to Skuon - Spider Town as it's known simply because of its  creepy spider invasion and these big and hairy spiders  almost everywhere. They can be seen dropping off roofs onto people's heads or moving around pretty fast, these furry fellas make themselves at home in this place, occasionally delivering an agonising bite to an unsuspecting villager. 

Rather than killing them, the locals decided to feast on them. Simply by deep frying with some spices and herbs, they are munched down by hungry residents as a snack or maybe with noodles or rice.

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Hawkers can be seen holding out plates brimming with crispy tarantula treats in a bid to tempt customers. This has nothing to do with traditional, ancient or mystical dictates. This has been in existence since the 1970s.

It all started when the communist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia led by the dictator Pol Pot everyone was forced from the cities into the countryside to farm. But since the townies knew next to nothing about farming, it was not long before the whole country was in the grip of a famine.


To avoid starving to death, the locals decided to do the unthinkable and started eating the spiders that had long threatened their community.