Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tattoo Lovers.....Pictures From London Tattoo Convention

Dil Corleone remained stony faced as he went under the needle for the umpteenth time, getting a fresh adornment on his arm

International London Tattoo Convention Tattoo fans displaying their artistic, colourful body inks, while others got fresh inkings. Over 400 international tattoo artists displayed their skills in public during the event which also featured entertainers and rock bands taking to the stage.

The ink addicts could be seen stretched across tables, stripped to their underwear while some went totally unclad to get new designs etched on their bodies. Some were adding to the huge numbers they already have, with some super keen fans covered in ink from head to toe.

Holly Mihill added to her extensive collection of body art by going under the needle once again today, in full public view

Some of the world's best tattoo artists were on hand to create the visions that tattoo fans dreamed up prior to the event

Swedish model and burlesque performer Elegy Ellem proudly shows off her extensive tattoos - and her split tongue 

Going one better than the skull-on-skull man above, this tattoo fan has opted for a giant spider covering his entire scalp

Why not have a skull tattooed on your skull? This was just one of the weird and wacky designs on display at the convention

Tattoo artist Hori Mayi, 29, from Taiwan, showed off her oriental style full back and body tattoo at the International Tattoo Convention, complete with a serpent snaking down her spine.  Plenty of other tattoo fans were equally happy to strip off to proudly display their extensive - and rather painfully acquired - body art, posing for photos in nothing but see-through thongs