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The Life And Miracles Of Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun was born Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu to Albanian parents in 1910. She grew up in Skopje, which is now the capital of Macedonia but previously part of Turkey. She lost her father when she was just eight years old, and she became very close to her mother, who is said to have been a devout and pious woman.

At age 18, Mother Teresa decided to become a nun and set off to Dublin to join the Sisters of Loreto, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to education. A year later she was sent to India to carry out her work.

There she began working at a school, teaching girls from the city's poorest Bengali families. She learned to speak both Bengali and Hindi and adopted the name Therese - becoming an Indian citizen in 1947.

In 1946, she experienced an epiphany when, she claimed, Christ spoke to her and told her to abandon teaching to work in the slums of Calcutta aiding the city's poorest and sickest people. Unable to leave her convent without official permission.

 It was not until 1948 when Mother Teresa was able to venture forth into the slums with the goal to aid "the unwanted, the unloved, the uncared for." She set up an open-air school and a home for the impoverished in a run-down building she had managed to get the city's authorities to donate.

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In 1950 she founded sisterhood Missionaries of Charity, which now has 4,500 nuns worldwide.
During the 60s Mother Teresa continued to work tirelessly, establishing a leper colony, an orphanage, a nursing home, a family clinic and a string of mobile health clinics.

She was praised across the globe for her work in the city's slums, and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Because the people she helped were primarily homeless, living on Calcutta's streets, sewers and rubbish heaps. She became known as the ‘ Saint Of The gutter ’.

First Miracle
Bengali tribeswoman Monica Besra was cured from an abdominal tumour thanks to Mother Teresa's intervention from heaven. The Vatican judged the woman's recovery was down to a locket containing a picture of the nun which was placed on the patient's stomach.

Ms Besra said a beam of light emerged from the picture and relieved her of a cancerous tumour. Although, there is some controversy about the story.

Ms Besra’s doctor, Ranjan Mustafi, reportedly says she tubercular cyst and not cancer and it was cured by prescription medicine. This 'miracle' was given the nod by Pope Francis in 2015, which made her sainthood a formality.

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Second Miracle
According to the Vatican, Mother Teresa's intercession was said to have helped cure Brazilian man Marcilio Haddad Andrino of several brain tumours in 2008. Mr Andrino who was 35 then, had been diagnosed with a viral brain infection resulting in multiple abscesses.

Treatments didn’t help as stated and he struggled to walk down the aisle at his wedding in September 2008.  He went into a coma in December same year and his newly wedded wife spent months praying to Mother Teresa.

Her family joined her in prayer as the apparently dying patient was taken to the operating theatre.
When the surgeon came into the room, he reportedly found the patient awake, pain free and asking "What am I doing here?"

Mr Andrino said he didn't feel special - but lucky. He went on to say : "If it hadn't happened to me maybe there would be someone else tomorrow. She did not distinguish. I don't feel special."
A Vatican medical commission voted unanimously in September 2015 that the healing was inexplicable.

Mother Teresa died  September 5, 1997 in India.