Monday, 26 September 2016

Vicar Forgives Wife After She Had An Affair With A Homeless Man They Took In From The Street.

Matthew and Sandra Taylor

A kind hearted vicar has forgiven his wife after she had an affair with a homeless man they saved from the streets by giving him a spare room in their home. The couple took in a destitute alcoholic who then decided to take things further with the wife of his host.

Ivan Mascarenhas, 49, moved in with Matthew and Sandra Taylor in Northamptonshire, after he began drinking again and was thrown out by his wife. The vicar of St Mary's in Rushden took pity on him and gave him a spare room while he found his feet. Rev Taylor even praised Ivan in church for battling alcoholism, little did he know that he was sleeping with his wife.

Sandra Taylor

Ivan said their affair started after they bonded over long walks and was 'like a fantasy' because it 'felt forbidden'. According to what he told The Sun: 'We couldn’t control ourselves. We both knew it was wrong and that it shouldn't happen'. The lovers met through a drugs and alcohol rehab shelter Sandra ran through the church. 

Two months later Ivan was found a place to live a mile away but he says that Sandra then began sending him texts and inviting him back to her house for sex. He told The Sun: 'We'd fallen in love. We just couldn't stop. Of course it was wrong, and the fact we are both Christian made it even worse. Matthew was a friend, which makes me feel terrible about it'.

Ivan Mascarenhas

Sandra, mother of two confessed to her husband of the affair and he appears to have forgiven her. She is said to feel 'shame and sadness' about what happened. 

Rev Taylor said: 'During a time of great and intense emotional loss and stress, my wife Sandra was drawn into an inappropriate relationship with Ivan Mascarenhas while he was a voluntary member living in one of the rehab's dry houses.

'It was a short relationship which is now ended and for which Sandra now feels great shame and sadness. 'She resigned immediately having realised the seriousness of the situation. Ivan has left the house and a flat has now been arranged for him in a different location.'

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