Monday, 12 September 2016

Woman Attaches Her Man To A Leash Like A Dog And Takes Him For A Walk

A suprise spot: A woman was spotted on the streets of Fuzhou taking a man for a walk

Shocking  images  of a woman taking a man for a walk on a dog leash across a road in China. They were spotted few days ago in China's Fujian province. According to the People's Daily Online Police had to be called to deal with the issue as the pair were holding up traffic and causing traffic jams.

The woman was spotted walking with the man on a leash while he crawled on the floor like a dog. She was seen patting the man on his head. The pair caused traffic jams in the city and police had to be called in. 

Bizarre sighting: The man was seen crawling on his hands and knees along the busy road

They managed to persuade her to untie the rope and free the man. Photos of the incident were posted on China's social media site Weibo. The post read: 'The man was tied and said to the crowd, he is not a person, he’s a dog.' 

People have been commenting on the post, One user wrote: 'Where is the dignity of men?' And one user commented: 'If he were a dog, why does he wear clothes?' The reason of the pairs behaviour still remains a mystery.