Friday, 7 October 2016

40 Year-Old Husband Tries To Pass Off A Pregnant 12 Year -Old Child As His 20 Year-Old Wife

Disturbing ... Pregnant girl arrived with large baby bump and stretch marks
A 40 year old man has been arrested after taking a pregnant 12-year-old to hospital for ante-natal check. He tried to disguise the little girl as his 20-year-old wife.

According to the member of staff at the hospital in Xuzhou, China :“It’s obvious she is just a child”. Shocking photographs show the little girl’s protruded belly with stretch marks.

She was taken to hospital with the 40-year-old man and a woman who posed as the girl’s mother-in-law. The young girl was three months pregnant and that she needed a routine test to confirm that her foetus was healthy.

Medics immediately called the police when the two adults tried to pass off the girl as a twenty-year-old woman. She is not a Mandarin speaker, meaning doctors weren't able to question her about her age. 
'Do your job' ... Girl, centre, with her 40-year-old 'husband', in the white shirt, as he argues with hospital staff
A staff member said:“She is certainly not anywhere near 20 years old.” The man is quoted as saying: “I took her here to be examined just do your job. Stop asking so many questions.”

Police found the girl didn’t possess any form of identification and have determined she is not from China. Most likely, She is a foreign national from southeast Asia.

Investigators suspect that she was abducted or bought as a foreign bride. From history, Chinese men are known to purchase Vietnamese brides from across the country’s southern border.

Investigation are ongoing, according to police