Saturday, 15 October 2016

Dog Finally Rescued From Perverted Owner Who Kept It As Sex Slave

Ramzes dog after being rescued by activists

A perverted dog owner had reportedly been keeping the pet as a sex slave. He was once spotted raping his dog in a local park. Animal activist had to rescue the abused pit bull, who was repeatedly sodomised by its owner.

The Staffordshire Terrier wass diagnosed with severe internal injury and has so far undergone three operations. Vet Aynur Makaev said he operated on the dog for almost three hours and had almost considered putting it to sleep, but then decided to complete the operation and see if the animal recovered.

Dog needs operating on after being sodomised by owner in Russia

He said: "The rectum had deformations which could have formed if it was stretched from the inside."
 Alarm was raised after the man was reportedly spotted having sex with the dog in a public park. 

When police refused to intervene, neighbours contacted animal rights activists who kidnapped the dog while his owner took it for a walk.

Elena Zhdanova one of the locals is now caring for the pooch which she has called Ramzes and said he is doing well. "He is really getting better,” she said. “He regained his appetite and finally managed to relieve himself as well."

Elena said that after the video and pictures of the wounded dog went viral online, the police arrested and questioned the owner. But prosecutors decided not to press charges against the man. He was fined with  2500RUB  for offending public decency when he had sex with the dog in the park.