Friday, 21 October 2016

ISIS Fighters Try To Flee Mosul By Shaving Beards And Dressing As Women

 Islamic State fighter in women dresses

Islamic State fighters are shaving their beards and dressing as women to escape troops advancing on Mosul. The fight to drive the jihadist from Mosul is going faster than planned. Government sources claim the terror group is retreating to Syria.
Two Isis fighters who shaved their beards

Captured were two young, clean-shaven men who  admitted they were trying to avoid been killed or arrested. Isis are using suicide car bombers, roadside explosions and snipers to keep the military from advancing.

Jihadist have told all residents to hand in their mobiles. However, Civilian fighters have been assisting troops, including a mystery gunman called The Sniper of Mosul who has eliminated several jihadis.

Two Isis fighter caught hiding in a car

The Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi said: “The forces are pushing towards the town more quickly than we thought and more quickly than we had programmed.