Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lesbian Mother Accused Of Abducting Daughter She Raised With Wife Elopes With Sperm Donor Lover

She and wife Tasha Brown are said to have asked him for help conceiving a second child after they had daughter Kaydance with an online sperm donor. Pictured is Miss Etchells with Tasha Brown (right) and newborn daughter Kaydance 

A lesbian mother has been accused of abducting the daughter she raised with her wife and eloping with a man. Lauren Etchells fled from Canada to Britain with Marco van der Merwe.
Lauren and wife Tasha Brown are said to have asked him for help conceiving a second child after they had daughter Kaydance with an online sperm donor.
The couple seperated and teacher Miss Etchells went on to have the baby with IT expert Mr van der Merwe and subsequently declared that they were engaged.
Lauren and Marco fled with both children against a court order after allegedly lying to passport officials. An Interpol hunt is now underway for the fugitive mother.
According to the Mail, Miss Brown spoke of her heartbreak, saying she had been ‘erased’ from Kaydance’s life overnight.
She added: ‘I was such a fool. I was played by Lauren. I welcomed Marco into our life because I thought he was no threat to our marriage and it would help us have more children as we had always planned.
The last time I saw my daughter I put her in her car seat, gave her cuddles and a kiss, and waved her away thinking I would be seeing her again in a few days.’
The lesbian couple met online and after their first date in February 2008 they married in 2012.
Lauren Etchells has sparked an international hunt after fleeing from Canada to Britain with Marco van der Merwe. She is pictured with Mr van der Merwe, daughter Kaydance and baby
Miss Brown, 43, said the couple had always wanted children and agreed that her wife would carry them because she was younger. Kaydance was born in 2014 after they found a sperm donor online.
But when they came to try for a second child, the original donor no longer wanted to help because he had a new girlfriend who was uncomfortable with the idea.
The relationship took a down turn when they invited Mr van der Merwe, an old school friend of Miss Etchells, to be a sperm donor and he stayed with them during the summer of 2015.
There started to be this weirdness,’ said Miss Brown.
Lauren started being short with me and Marco was carrying Kaydance around and not acknowledging me as the mother. I knew something wasn’t right. Soon afterwards we separated. I was shocked and crushed.’
After few months, as the couple attended a ‘parenting after separation’ class, Miss Etchells broke the news that she was engaged to Mr van der Merwe and was expecting his child. Miss Brown said: ‘That was my baby. That was the whole reason Marco was there.’
She said: ‘I’m not a man-hating lesbian. I wanted the best for Kaydance. But I was still her mother too.’ She saw the new baby, a boy called Marcus, soon after he was born. ‘It was a shock to see him,’ she said. ‘What my life was supposed to be flashed in front of me. Everything that I thought I knew had been snatched away.’
Making matters worse, Miss Brown had previously allowed to have her name temporarily removed from Kaydance’s birth certificate after the women made plans to teach in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal.
Suspecting that Miss Etchells might run away with the child after their split, she obtained a court order in April preventing her and Kaydance leaving Canada. Miss Etchells was ordered to surrender her British and Canadian passports.
But the mother is said to have applied secretly for a new passport in defiance of the court order.
A neighbour of the family later told her that they’d travelled to see relatives in the UK. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Miss Etchells in Canada, and the police have alerted Interpol.
However, Mr van der Merwe denied he had agreed to be a sperm donor. He said he had no idea where Miss Etchells was and had no contact with her after she broke off communication with him.
He said she told him she was able to travel when they boarded the flight to the UK together.
Mr van der Merwe claims he had been in contact with Canadian police and told them everything he knew. In a separate email to a Canadian newspaper, he said: ‘I did co-operate with the authorities, they just didn’t want to believe what I had to say.’