Monday, 10 October 2016

Meet The Chinese Boss Who Kisses Female Employees On The Lips Every Morning To 'Boost Their Morale' ( Video)

The unidentified boss forces female employees to stand in a line and kiss him on the lips every day

A Chinese boss has come up with very unusual way of what he claims as a way to boost employee morale and maintain good work relationships in his company by kissing each one of his female employees on the lips every morning.
The beer company is based in the Chinese capital Beijing, and the unidentified boss takes what he called “morale boosting” very seriously. His female employees take part in the kissing ritual, which involves a firm kiss on the lips.

The video has sparked outrage with many commentators slamming sexism in the workplace

Women make up to 50 percent of the company staff, but it is unclear how willing the employees are to actually take part. However, two women have reportedly resigned from the business.