Saturday, 15 October 2016

NATO And British Royal Navy On High Alert: Russia Ready To Sail Its Nuclear Warship Close To British Coast

 Russian warship

The British Royal Navy is on high alert as Russia prepares to send a heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier close to its waters.

Russia is preparing to send the Admiral Kuznetsov warcraft and seven vessels, including a nuclear-powered cruiser, close to British waters with Nato and maritime forces closely monitoring the its movements.

HMS Duncan and HMS Richmond are set to be deployed if the Russian ship, which is travelling to war torn Aleppo, enters British waters next week. According to the Times, A defence spokesman said: “It is significant. We will track them through our area of interest.”

However, the exact route of the Russian warcraft is not known, as it could pass through either the North Sea and English Channel, the Irish Sea or around the West of Ireland.

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A defence expert said: “It is standard air and sea business; ‘We know you’re there. You know that we know’.” It is expected that the 300metre-long ship will practise its method of attack on Syria just north coast of Scotland.

But there are concerns that any military testing from Russia could stray into Britain, meaning the RAF would have to take action. Nato is also monitoring the Russian warcraft and is set to give orders on deployment.