Friday, 7 October 2016

North Korea Faces Possible Pre-emptive Strike From US As Punishment For Its Nuclear Programme.

North Korea faces a possible pre-emptive strike from America as punishment for its nuclear programme. Based on suggestion made by Admiral Mike Mullen, ex-chair of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a meeting in Washington.

In the past couple of months, North Korea has launched quite a number of missiles and also tested two nuclear weapons. It’s now feared that the regime will soon develop the capability to combine the two in a shock attack.
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Should it get "very close" to being able to attack America, Admiral Mullen said, the US should strike first.

During the President Clinton’s government in the 1990s, the government considered bombing the North’s nuke facility. But, then South Korean president Kim Young-sam was not in support of the suggestion fearing it could lead to all-out war.

However, the current president Park Geun-hye is less passive and already has a plan to topple the tyrannical Kim Jong-un. According to Admiral Mullen, The strike could in theory destroy North Korean missile launch pads.