Saturday, 8 October 2016

Pictures From Third Annual Tattoo Convention Taking Place In Tel Aviv, Israel

Lying on his back in a conference hall in Tel Aviv today, Magneto - from Berlin - isn't bothered that all eyes are on him. In fact, one eye is literally on him... a tattoo covering his right nipple

Tattooing has risen greatly in popularity over the last decade in Israel

The German tattoo model, whose entire face is covered in inkings, including his eyeballs, has travelled from Germany to attend the third annual Israel Tattoo Convention

Attendees have travelled from countries including Poland, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Russia 

The Squidling Brothers provide an edgy twist on the classic American sideshow

US tattoo artists Squidling Brothers perform their freak show during the annual Israel Tattoo Convention

A passage in the book of Leviticus prohibits the 'etching of flesh' - but not everyone goes by the book