Wednesday, 19 October 2016

President Obama May Not Be Smiling As His Step Brother Accepts Invitation To Be Guest Of Donald Trump At Presidential Debate

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The half-brother of US president, Malik Obama will be attending the final presidential debate today. Surprisingly, he will be supporting the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. According to reports by Mediaite, Malik has reportedly accepted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's invitation to be his guest at the debate.

Recently, he has publicly supported Trump's bid for the White House and expressed anger at not being invited to the Democratic National Convention. He told BBC it was 'sort of disappointing, somewhat hypocritical' that no members of Obama's Kenyan family attended the DNC this summer.

Malik will be seated next to Trump's likewise the mother of Sean Smith who died in Benghazi.Similarly, Clinton will also be inviting guests who have had rocky pasts with Trump to the debate.