Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Russia To Hold Nuclear Disaster Drill In Preparation For Nuclear War Following Escalating Proxy War In Syria With US

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Vladimir Putin has given orders to every city in Russia to hold a drill in preparation for nuclear war disaster. As relations between Russia and the US disintegrate due to the escalating proxy war in Syria. 

Russian state officials and the media have warned the US is about to launch an all-out attack after cutting ties with Russia over its bombing campaign in Syria.

According to the Russian Ministry for Civil Defense reported on its website. An unprecedented 40 million Russian citizens, as well as 200,000 specialists from "emergency rescue divisions" and 50,000 units of equipment are set to take part in a four day-long civil defense, emergency evacuation and disaster preparedness drill from October 4 to 7.

Russian ministers announced they have built nuclear bunkers capable of holding all of Moscow’s 12 million residents on Friday. Now the country appears to be readying citizens for an imminent strike. It is being coordinated by EMERCOM – the Emergencies Ministry of Russia.

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The director of the emergency situations ministry, civil defence department, Sergey Manuilov, , said: "Training will be held from October 4 to 7. “It will bring together more than 40 million people, more than 200 thousand professionals rescue units, about 50,000 units.

“The full force of the Russian emergencies ministry will be utilised – including military units, EMERCOM emergency rescue units, paramilitary rescue units and the state inspectorate for small boats – a division of the state fire service of EMERCOM."

As stated on the website "the main goal of the drill is to practice organization of management during civil defense events and emergency and fire management, to check preparedness of management bodies and forces of civil defense on all levels to respond to natural and man-made disasters and to take civil defense measures."