Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Ugliest Man In Ugandan Finds Fame In African Pop Music

Godfrey's music videos boast more than 3,000,000 views

This Ugandan cobbler from Kyanzana , became local celebrity because of his severely deformed head.  His newly acquired status as a local celebrity has brought him fame in African pop music with his music videos racking up 3,000,000 views on YouTube.

But he is worried about passing the condition unto his eight kids. He said: “Right now I am afraid because I have a little daughter who kind of resembles me.“I look at her head and I believe that she might look like me.

“Sometimes I worry because my children are still very young. I worry about what would happen to them if I died. I think about that a lot now.”

The head of medicine at Mbarara Hospital in the western region of Uganda, decided to carry out tests to diagnose him. Dr Wilson said: “He has very widespread abnormality in his head and pressing on various parts of his brain. “His posture is compressing his chest – this is why he’s not breathing well.”

He first noticed an unusual swelling in his cheek when he was just 10-years-old

He was diagnosed with a rare condition called Fibrodysplasia, which affects the growth and placement of his cells and tissue.

Godfrey added: “I was so worried that the doctor wanted to operate on me. I feel glad that he just told me about my condition. “I feel so good and I have learned that I am a human being.”

He said: “I was mending my shoes and a man who worked in entertainment asked me to take part in a show. “Now I’ve got friends. People call me to go to their shows and give me money. “It helps me take care of my children.”

Godfrey has his severely deformed head to thank for his fame as an African pop star

Godfrey who has been married had two children with the first wife before it ended. He then met the love of his life, Namande Kate eight years ago and has had six more children with her.

Namande said: “Godfrey’s not handsome on the outside, but he has a good heart. “I wish people would see him the way I see him.”Godfrey’s story is featured in Body Bizarre this Thursday, October 27th.