Thursday, 6 October 2016

US Army Gen. Warns That Outright War With Nation States Is Almost Guaranteed ' Lethal And Fast'

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US Army Gen. has revealed  that the United States will fight a "lethal and fast" war against Russia. His comments come as Vladimir Putin ordered every city in Russia to hold a drill in preparation for nuclear war disaster.

Gen. Mark A. Milley who was Speaking at a meeting of the Association of the U.S. Army in Washington, warned an outright war between nation states in the future is "almost guaranteed".

However, he said the conflict would be unlike one ever seen before because the country would have to be prepared for cyber warfare and fight without the use of satellite technology it has now become accustomed to.

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He said troops would also need to ready to go to battle in complex urban situations, saying: "While we're ready now, we are being challenged. "If the aim is to deter war, our Army and our nation must be ready."

Gen. Milley revealed they would need to be aware they could potentially be up against superior airforces, which would mean land, sea and air forces would need to work much closer together.

According to Defense One, Maj. Gen. William Hix also issued a number of warnings about the tense state of relations between the U.S., Russia and China at the the meeting. He made reference to China and Russia’s advanced military technology, saying the Pentagon would need to prepare for "violence on the scale that the U.S. Army has not seen since Korea."

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"A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch. "The speed of events are likely to strain our human abilities. "The speed at which machines can make decisions in the far future is likely to challenge our ability to cope, demanding a new relationship between man and machine."

Army deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and training, Gen. Joseph Anderson told the army chiefs that their greatest threat was from Russia being a "modern nation-states acting aggressively in militarised competition."