Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Four Year-Old Girl Died After Mum Gave Her Drugs 'Smarties' So She Could Have Sex With Boyfriend Without Any Disturbance

Tragic Poppy Widdison died in June 2013

A Four year-old girl died after being tricked to take a cocktail of drugs referred to as Smarties by her mum and boyfriend. The two allegedly spiked Poppy Widdison with ketamine, methadone and diazepam because they don’t want to be disturbed while having sex.

The mother, Michala Pyke sent a text to her lover, John Rytting saying: “She can have a blue smartie [diazepam] and go to sleep lol xxx” in a bid to get rid of her “inconvenient” daughter, jurors were told. Poppy died on June 10, 2013, at Sheffield Children’s Hospital from cardiac arrest but the circumstances surrounding her death remains unexplained, the court heard.

After Poppy’s death, scientists found five drugs, including heroin and benzodiazepines, in her hair but could not agree on the cause of death. When police raided Ryttings flat they found drugs next to the sofa near where Poppy slept.

Pyke has admitted a single charge of cruelty against her daughter

“Poppy was seen by Pyke as something of a nuisance or encumbrance because the couple wanted to get on with their love life and enjoy each other’s company.” Pyke texted her now ex Rytting, who she had a seven-month relationship with, to ask what he was doing.

She sent the message: “She can have a blue smartie [diazepam] and go to sleep lol xxx”. Rytting replied: “You ok”. Pyke said: “I have a bottle of wine if you want to share. I got £4 from mum so I can get you purple sourz [drugs]. Text me back babe.”

Pyke then texted Rytting: “Get the blue smarties ready – the one she likes.”
The Juror said, From the text : “The words: ‘the one she likes’ suggests it is not a one off but a repeated course of conduct. “She regarded her own child as a nuisance and interfering with the enjoyment in her own relationship with Mr Rytting.”

Pyke texted John Rytting about giving the tot diazepam

A neighbour said Pyke used to call Poppy ‘a little b******’ and saw marks on her arms. The mother claimed she only smacked her daughter on the bottom and hands to discipline her. Pyke and Rytting, who are no longer together, deny two charges of child cruelty.

Both have admitted a single charge of cruelty against Poppy by assaulting, ill-treating or neglecting her by exposing her to controlled drugs. Rytting denies a drugs supply charge. Pyke has denied two drug supply charges.