Sunday, 27 November 2016

If Votes Recount Reveals Clinton Won In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Then She Will Be President


Green Party former presidential candidate Jill Stein has had her request for a re-count accepted. Wisconsin will have its votes recounted by hand over fears Russian hackers tampered with the US election result.
President Elect- Donald Trump narrowly won the state by fewer than 30,000 votes out of three million ballots cast. Re-count is expected to commence next week and will be funded by money raised by Stein.

The implication of a recount means Donald Trump could end up losing the election if an investigation reveals voting figures were incorrect possibly due to hacked automated ballot machines and a recount reveals that Clinton won these states. Then Clinton will be President.

However, Over 100 scholars and cybersecurity experts signed an open letter to Congress voicing concerns that Russian hackers may have had a hand in the election.

“We emphasize that nothing in our collective call for an investigation is meant to question the outcome of the November election”, they said, however just such an investigation could lead to a recount that may see Trump lose.

They added: “We simply know that turning a blind eye to such involvement would send a global green light to hackers and others intent on undermining our democratic institutions”.