Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Japan May Respond With Deadly Force To What It Sees As Russian Aggression Over Disputed Island In The Pacific

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Japan may be preparing to launch nuclear strike against Russia in a war that would shock the whole world.  The Japanese officials are angered over Russia’s decision to send anti-ship missiles to a number of disputed Kuril islands in the Pacific.

The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also spoke about the action being taken against Russia with a warning that diplomatic routes to resolving the problem may have been exhausted. He said: “The four islands are our country’s inherent territory.“We have conveyed through diplomatic routes that this… is not compatible with our country’s position and is regrettable.”

According to insiders,Tokyo has vowed to respond with deadly force to what it sees as Russian aggression. The Japanese are considering using weapons if necessary to settle the 70 year territory dispute.

However, Japanese government announced yesterday that it would be carrying out an evacuation drill in preparation for a possible nuclear attack. The drill is scheduled for March next year and is in response to threats from countries like North Korea.